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Amigo Dheena

Web Performance Specialist | PHP Developer

About Me

Amigo Dheena is a Web Performance Specialist | PHP Developer, he is a fulltime freelancer to helping his clients to grow their business by improving the Site Speed of their customers through better web experience and online presence.

My Personal Projects

Here I list some of my Awesome projects, you can check my other projects in my Github profile.


Amigo Performance is a WordPress Plugin that is used to Optimize Website Performance and improve Site Score in services like Google Page Speed Insight, GTmetrix.


AmigoLazy is a JS Script to add Lazyload to an Iframe. Mostly Iframes are load data from an external site, so its contain lot of resources form external sites, we are unable to control that resources but we can prevent by lazyloading Iframe.


Performance Checkup Tool is a Chrome Bookmarklet script that is used to check your Website performance in GooglePageSpeed and GTmetrix by a single click.


It is a simple wordpress theme that is converted from a HTML template by using Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF).